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About me

I am a certified ADHD life coach and have received professional training at the iATC Center, an institute accredited by the International Coaching Federation. But I only began my journey as a coach last year. Why might I be the right person to coach you?

In a way, I have always been a coach. Long before choosing this profession, I studied Media, Film, and International Marketing in London, aiming for a career that was both creative and promising in business. I have worked in advertising, media distribution, and influencer marketing. Among other roles, I was responsible for managing the Berlin branch of a burgeoning British influencer marketing agency.

Superficially, after a phase of experimenting in the film and advertising industry in my twenties, I found success. Looking at my resume, my job titles (and my salary) improved from job to job, including positions at well-known companies like CNN and Deezer.

ADHS Life Coaching

Life coaching means life training, life care. Similar to sports, a coach accompanies someone who has a goal and supports them in reaching where they want to go.

I want you to increasingly recognize and accept yourself and what makes you tick, enabling you to initiate a personal process of change. It’s a journey to your inner core, to your true self. I’m here to accompany and support you on this journey.

The coaching process is akin to the work of a sculptor. You are the sculptor facing your life, shaping it from raw material into a work of art in your own way. Often, you start your work with a vision, a rough idea of how the finished artwork should look, or you notice that a part of your life doesn’t look as you want it to, or something just doesn’t feel right.

I am here to support you in your work on your life artwork, offering you a trained external perspective, asking questions that sharpen your perception or vision, and giving you new tools to work with.

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