About me

As an ADHD expert, a title I’ve embraced since my very late diagnosis in 2021, the typical ADHD pattern is now crystal clear to me in hindsight: I never had trouble finding a job or convincing decision-makers that I was the right fit for a new business endeavor. Excelling at interpersonal skills and pitching ideas, I always passed the six-month probation period. But then stress kicked in. Strategies needed to be conceptualized and executed, PowerPoints drawn up, Excel sheets filled out, and sales targets met.

Simultaneously, I spent hours talking with friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, or even acquaintances. They all confided in me, sharing their problems. I always enjoyed listening, expressing my thoughts, and asking questions that triggered something within them. After my eye-opening diagnosis, I decided to follow my strength, passion, and innate tendency to talk with people and listen to them. Finally, I understood that many of my struggles and misunderstandings about myself stemmed from my brain functioning differently than the majority of people, and that it’s within my power and in my brain’s capability to transform these perceived weaknesses and obstacles into strengths and superpowers.

I began my professional coaching training at the iATC Center. Their self-proclaimed mission is to rid the world of the stigma surrounding ADHD so that those who suffer from it can truly enjoy their FANTASTIC accomplishments! That deeply resonated with me! The program provided me with invaluable tools, theory, research, and hours of coaching practice.